Promotional Cubes

Our Promotional Folding Magic Cubes and Calendar Cubes are available in 5cm, 6cm & 7cm sizes at unbeatable prices.

Fold and turn these promotional cubes. Once you start you’ll never stop!! These are ideal for multi-messaging as there are multiple faces with full colour print.

Folding Cubes

Folding Cubes are a brilliant promotional item as they offer a large print area with numerous faces that are perfect for multi-messaging.

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Diamond Cubes

Diamond Cubes are supplied as a 7cm square shape but when opened and manipulated they invert into a diamond shape. They are fitted with 8 strong magnets to ensure that the cube maintains its diamond shape when inverted.

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Magic Mailer

An innovative mailing item as it can be posted as standard letter rate. Perfect for multi-messaging with multiple faces.

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Magnetic Cubes

These cubes are ideal as a calendar cube as 8 magnets within the cube ensure that it can be inverted and held firmly together giving 12 individual faces in total.

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Biodegradable Cubes

Fully biodegradable cubes made entirely from straw composites. An entirely environmentally friendly advertising option that will fully biodegrade in a standard compost bin within 2 years.

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